Sunnyside Holiday Bungalow Ella Sri Lanka

History of Sunnyside, Ella

The story of Sunnyside goes like this...  The land and building was once gifted to one Edward Elias in recognition of his work on the tea plantation.  The survey plan dates back to 1927.   History

During this time, Sunnyside was known to have had two tennis courts - attracting tennis players from the region.  With the fine weather conditions in Ella, tennis at Sunnyside would have been an enjoyable retreat.  

In 1962, Sunny side was sold to businessman Selwin Silva and the following year sold again to Mrs Jemima Gnanam.  Incidentally, Mr Gnanam also happened to be the Superintendent of the neighbouring tea plantation - Kinelan.  

Then in 1980, the property was purchased and run as a successful guest house called "Sunnyside Lodge".  During that time, it was one of the few guest houses which were approved by the Ceylon Tourist Board, and was even listed in the “Handbook for the Ceylon Traveller” (first published in 1974).

Alas, in 1983 ethnic conflicts arose in the island, and Sunnyside Lodge was grounded!  Although a shattering blow to the family, the bungalow was, by the help of God, rebuilt and leased out for a period of 19 years. The family took over Sunnyside again in the year 2000.

In September 2006, Sunnyside was renovated with a brand new roof and smooth pavements, gifted by my elder brother. My wife and I are truly grateful to God for enabling my brother to make this generous contribution. My brother has now built a beautiful home and opened it for paying guests in 2010. It has been aptly named Sunnyside Lodge and boasts of a superb tennis court and play-area for kids as well!

Today, Sunnyside caters to a different clientele, whereby guests can make their bookings in advance and enjoy the peace and tranquility of a home away from home.