sunnyside bungalow, ella


Rustic Comfort


The Sunnyside Holiday Bungalow features three clean guest rooms with attached bathrooms with hot & cold water. Take a stroll around our spacious garden, calm down, unwind and take it easy!

Free wi-fi: High speed fibre-optic wi-fi is available throughout the building and is free to use.

Shaaaa! We have a host of birds that visit us daily. Get a chance to see the Ceylon Jungle Fowl or the Grey Hornbill. Watch the Rock Squirrels "flying" over the branches or be gazed at by the barking deer that is shy and beautiful!

Aiyo! Please don't phone us saying there are "twelve in our group" or "no, no, only fifteen with children". The maximum we can accommodate is eight persons and that includes children!

Psst! Remember, this is a godey place - no television, no booze, no smoking inside - thank you!

Home Cooked Meals


Start your day with our home cooked breakfast. Our dinner is typically Sri Lankan and cooked in clay pots over a wooden fire. Don't fret, we will adjust the spice content to fit your palette.

Kindly note, dinner orders are accepted at least three hours in advance. This is a slow process, a labour of love... and without doubt, you will savour the difference...

Board Games


Go ahead and make something beautiful with Scrabble or join your kids at a game of Monopoly.