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Experience Sunnyside with a difference... Among the comforts we offer our guests, we encourage a no smoking, no liquor policy at Sunnyside.  What's more, we don't even have a television!  So, if you think you won't "fit in" at Sunnyside, try another place okay?

Our rooms are airy and comfortable.   Enjoy blissful rest and awake to the call of the Ceylon Jungle Fowl.  Get a chance to see the Rock Squirrel (dandu lena) flying over the branches or if you are lucky, be gazed at by the Red Deer. Take a stroll around our spacious garden, calm down, unwind and take it easy!

In case it has not dawned on you, there is really nothing luxurious about Sunnyside. We try our best not to offer pseudo-hospitality! All rooms contain attached bathrooms (tiled and clean) with hot & cold water. Best of all, enjoy the peace and tranquility at Sunnyside.

Our food is typically Sri Lankan and cooked in clay pots over a wooden fire.  We can cook your food either, mild, hot or very hot so as to suit your palette.  Without doubt, you will savour the difference... 

Play Scrabble Board games: Go ahead and make something beautiful with Scrabble or join your kids at a game of Monopoly.

Free WiFi internet access Now at Sunnyside you can mix work with play and be in touch with the rest of the world through our free WiFi internet access.

Breakfast at the open verandah
Enjoying breakfast at Sunnyside

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