Sunnyside Holiday Bungalow Ella Sri Lanka

Budget Accommodation, Ella Sri Lanka

If you are looking for budget accommodation with clean rooms, good food and sincere Sri Lankan hospitality, Sunnyside Holiday Bungalow in Ella Sri Lanka is the place for you.

All rooms are spacious with clean linen, attached toilets with hot water showers.

Why is the accommodation at Sunnyside less expensive than the large hotels?

1.  Sunnyside is run by a Sri Lankan family with a small staff.  Therefore, our overheads are low.

2.  Many guest houses and hotels in Sri Lanka have a "local" and "foreign" rate.  However, here at Sunnyside, we do not discriminate!  You will pay the same amount in Sri Lankan rupees as listed in our rates page.

3.  We want to offer our guests value for money and would like everyone to walk out of Sunnyside with a feeling of contentment. Please see some comments from our guest book.